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Our Story
We are parents who prioritise our children’s early years, just like you do! Since the birth of our children, we’re constantly researching and reading up on how to nurture a healthy, meaningful and high-quality childhood. This process of nurturing their early years holistically involved sourcing for appropriate and safe toys or resources to meet different stages of their developmental needs. We began to build a nurturing play space and prepared environment at home. After a few years of accumulating our humble experiences and toy resources, we realised that we can put them to even better use by sharing with fellow busy parents!

Our Belief
Little Big Dreamers was borne to share our humble knowledge and curate toy collections beneficial for your children's early year. We understand the importance of play and experiential learning during early years and how it benefits holistic development greatly. We believe that inspiring our children's creativity and imagination is so important in this 21st century!

Explore our curated range of open ended toys and educational toys to meet your children's developmental needs and spark their curiosity. Dream and imagine to stretch creativity. Create anything during play-and-learn (new knowledge, solutions to problems, new buildings, anything)!

Our Promise
Let our passion of early childhood development and play, empower you to nurture your children into curious learners and keen problem solvers who are adaptable to this ever changing world. We take away all the hassle of researching and sourcing.

Our thoughtfully curated open ended toys and educational toys are here to help you and your little ones achieve big dreams!

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